Smaller projects, quicker turnarounds and fewer items to produce.

I balance larger projects with these to stay away from creative fatigue and designer’s block.

01 – Åre Alpine Apnea

  • Project:Logotype and merch.
  • Client:Åre Alpine Apnea.

Freediving is spectacular in the north of Sweden. The environemnt is cold and harsh. It’s equal grit and stamina as it is relaxing and technical.

To build on that diver Martin wanted to incorporate the environment of Jämtland into a logo for Åre Alpine Apnea freediving club that he runs.

I wanted a hint of mid-west Americana incorporated into the logo and brand: patches, worn dive bags and embroderied caps.

The final logo is designed in collab with Felicia Rask, Martins daughter.

03 – Sleepertoys

  • Project:Logotype, site and figurines.
  • Client:Self initiated

One evening I was watching Fastest Car on Netflix and there was Corey Caouette and his car Lunchmoney. Corey is in a wheelchair and has rebuilt a 1927 Dodge into a sleeper car and just crushes the competition with it.

I saw his stuff and thought; ”I want the brand and it’s toys to feel just like Cory and Lunchmeney.”

A lot of the design and packanging were physically drawn or prototyped.

Website built on Wordpress, Woocommerce and Paymill.

04 – Artistry

  • Project:Branding
  • Client:Artistry Management

The brief said “We are a new type of artist management, we coach artists to be self sustainable. Visually we love Madison Avenue and 50’s New York lawfirms.

After reading the brief and hanging out at The Artistrys office for a few days to direction for the brand was obvious: warm colors, wood, cosyness and a friendly feel :-)

One pagers for artist education packages

Keynote templates was built based on the photos taken at their office

Event illustrations

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