Fastighetsbyrån logotype

Forsman & Bodenfors worked on a brand repositioning for Fastighetsbyrån when they asked if we could rework the online presence of Fastighetsbyrån.

Creative team

Andreas Carlsson UX Lead and Creative Director
Sussi Zäll UX research
Andreas Nymark Visual design
Kristoffer Lybeck Front-end
Sofia Karlsson User testing
Jaan Orvet Head of Creative
Charlotta Lorentz and David Kästel Project Manager

Target group

During the brand repositioning work Forsman & Bodenfors had identified the target segment as “The big city consumer”.

  • 30–50 year old
  • Lives in Stockholms inner city or north of Stockholm.
  • Owns a home valued at 4 Msek+
  • Has an income above the average; ca 1.000.000 sek/year.
  • Experienced home seller (have often sold 5 homes or more)
  • Are happy to move to a new home.
  • Well educated, above average Swede.

Together we started building out the new brand from that.

We started our research phase by tapping in to three sources of data:

Research material

  • User interviews

    Leading up to the project 5 deep interviews had been made, focus groups and an online attitude study with 1001 respondents had been made.

    Key outcome from the user interviews

    Fastighetsbyran were considered cluttered, quite boring and didn’t stand out compared to other real estate companies. When asking the target group most of them answered that Fastighetsbyrån felt cheap, budget and wasn’t an option for them.
    They choose their realtor based on gut feeling and personality.
    The property presentation acts as an evidence on how you will be treated as a seller, if you sell an expensive object, then the presentation has to be exclusive.

  • Google analytics

    Fastighetsbyrån has a lot of experience working with GA, so gathering the data was easy for us.

    The data showed that visitors used:

    Propertypage + sök = 92 %
    Startpage 2 %
    Local agency 2 %
    Byt an apartment/house 1 %
    Features (cost calculators etc) 0,9 %
    Sell an apartment/house 0,6 %
    The rest: 1,5%

    75% of the visitors came from

  • Feature inventory

    All sections and functions on the previous site was evaluated based on the new target group and interviews.

  • Brand repositioning

    As a base for the repositioning of Fastighetsbyrån Forsman & Bodenfors and Reagera hade made a two year pre-study which we used for our work.


When conducting our research and also going through the brand repositioning material it was clear that there were two, broad, user types: the seller and the buyer. We started digging deeper into their needs and how to create a better Fastighetsbyrå

User types

“The seller”

Enters the site via the start page, jumps back and fourth between StartpageSell propertyOffices.

The conversion rate for sellers are 4,37%

“The buyer”

This is the “lazy surfer” that comes and goes between and a property-page on Fastighetsnbyrå

The conversion rate for the byier are 1,38%.

Inventory workshop to find prioritized content and functions
All the sections and functions on the site was prioritised and got at "Keep" or "Trash" status.

Based on the insights above it was clear that the start page had to focus exclusively on the seller. We had to get them to consider Fastighetsbyrån as an realtor and also to get them to contact a local office.

The property-page had to be redesigned to be clearer and cater for more high end objects and the needs of the "big city consumer"

Collaborative wireframing

Now that we know the user journeys of the site and what functionality needed to be on the site we choose to do a collaborative wireframing together with the client.

Scissors and paper was used to create a paper prototype for the new site
We made super-rough sketches of all the functions needed.
Scissors and paper was used to create a paper prototype for the new site
Each was cut out so that we, collaboratively, could live-prototype each key area of the site.
Scissors and paper was used to create a paper prototype for the new site
After a couple of hours of discussing and wireframing.
Scissors and paper was used to create a paper prototype for the new site

When the cut-out wireframes was done we took them back to the UX team and finalised them in a clickable prototype for user testing.

Wireframe startpage
New start page - focused on the seller.
Wireframe property details page
Detailed property page.
Wireframe property seller landingpage
"Sell property page"
Wireframe office page
Contact a local Fastighetsbyrån office
One of 8 usertests conducted

Building the design system

Starting off from Forsman & Bodenfors mood boards and suggested brand concept me and visual designer Andreas Nymark build out a design system with all the components we needed for the new online presence.

The design concept - images
The design concept - colors
The design concept - moodboard
The design concept - illustrations and graphics
Digital styleguide - colors and icons
Digital styleguide - forms

Final product

Here are a few examples of the solutions designed for the main user needs

Start page focused on the seller

Final design - startpage smartphone
Final design - startpage desktop

Detailed property page

Final design - property details smartphone
Final design - property details desktop

Improved and segmented search

Final design - search smartphone
Final design - search desktop


Old site before redesign
Start page before redesign
Final design - search desktop
Detailed property page before redesign